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Pat Wynne with his Gemsbuck

Patrick Wynne   Gemsbuck

Pat got this great bull at about 11 am today, having a great hunt, 170 yrd shot with a 30-06, it's extremely hot today, over 100 f ! So we are back at the lodge chilling out after a great days hunt.

Beatrice's first big game animal

Beatrice   Impala

Alvaro Pena, Beatrice and Javier palanco joined us last week from Spain for a short hunt and got some great trophy's. 5 animals 5 shots. Well done to Beatrice who got an Impala, her first big game animal.

Jody's Eland bull

Jody Eland 1

An interesting picture angle showing the size of a mature Eland bull against my Land Cruiser hunting truck. This bull was taken by Jody one of our Canadian friends last season

Phil's White Blesbuck

Img00019 20111011 1602Phil Allen hunted this beautiful trophy White blesbuck  last week. Measured 17 inches.

Ray's Eland Bull

Ray Eland 2

I shot this nice Eland bull at 300 + yards today! Chest on with my 30-06 using 165 gr Barnes

Ed's Stunning Gemsbok!

Ed & Ryan Bernasky

A shot of Ed and Ryan Bernasky with Ed's Gemsbok. Two excellent 300 yard shots brought this beauty down. Then the work began! Clever PH Ray decided that he could get the Land Cruiser to this baby! As it turns out it wasn’t getting to it that was...