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Don Priest has a successful African hunt with Lalapa Safaris


Don Priest from California, USA  finished his 11 day African hunting safari with Lalapa last week. Despite some trying weather conditions (to say the least!) we had a great hunt together and another lasting friendship was struck! Don took 8...

Stu Hay & Victoria from Canada visiting Lalapa for the 6th time

Stu Oribi

Stu hunted this beautiful Oribi on the Coast near Port Alfred yesterday and hunted the Eastern Cape mountains to get this great Barbary Sheep with Lalapa Safaris on the second day of his safari. We are after a Scimitar Horned Oryx tomorrow!...

SCI show in Las Vegas USA

Ray & Diana at Lalapa's trade show booth in Las Vegas Nevada USA. The show is at the Mandaley Bay hotel and ends on the 4th of February. Then on to Harrisburg PA for our final show 4th-13th Feb              ...