Hunting Africa in 2021!!

At no stage in African hunting , with the influence of modern day technology and new age values, has one company maintained the fundamentals of old school values and ethical hunting in the way that Lalapa Safaris proudly has. Every hunter who treads the paths of this great family’s 150 year heritage becomes a part of history, a part of a tradition that stands for far more than a passing trend. This is our heritage and our signature in time.


Well.....'the end is near for a very interesting year'! The year 2020 is the Kemp family's 150th reunion on the Langverwaght ranch, base of operations for Lalapa Safaris. A year that will unfortunately be remembered less for it's success's and more for it's trials and tribulations. Thank you to all our South African hunters for your support this season.
We have without doubt missed our International hunting family!

With the borders of South Africa slowly opening up again , we expect great things off 2021 ! We are blessed with beautiful hunting area's here at Lalapa and look forward to sharing this wilderness with you soon .
Lalapa may not always offer the cheapest hunt on the market, but what you can expect from us is a value for money, personalized, ethical free range hunt in one of the most picturess hunting area's on the African continent.I look forward to hearing from you for a safari this next season. Let's get those dates booked, we are here for you as we always have been.