Year of the Kudu at Lalapa

For most first time hunters to Africa, hunting the elusive 'grey ghost' is the crux of the whole safari. In fact some hunters choose to hunt a Kudu every time they come out. Those that have hunted Kudu before will know that this beautiful animal is a very challenging hunt, especially to get a big one! It would be much like hunting a big free range Elk in the States, except we can't call them!
Our hunters at Lalapa this season have managed to take some fantastic quality bulls. Many of them free range which means plenty of hard work, but the rewards make it all worth while.
Take a look at a couple of the bulls we have harvested this season, they are out there, unmatched quality; let's see if we can get you a big bull next year!

20130511 105446 Img 0081  Kudu  Img 0838 P1040465  P1040248

Kudu  Kudu   Guy